Lesiëm - Floreat

In another time, in another place,
In a world of shadows ... free of virtue.
Alone in cold dark walls ... the sickly
Sweet smell of sickness ripes in the air.
Alone in the dark ground ... alone.
The noble lord to whom i swore allegiance
Has cast me in this bare, dank dungeon,
And i remain mute and broken, ridden of my home,
My wife, my life ...
Cruel fate! ... no crime did i commit
A victim of deceit and jealousy ...
Cruel master no conscience guides your might.
My innocence screams out for justice
Amor nimius amor cuius floreo amor
Amor romeo amor cuius romeo amor
Uror incamino amor in diadema
Etiam julia
Uror in camino amore differie est rebellatio
I never killed no one
I never robbed no one
Eternal night devoid of peace
Robbed of sleep
Tortured restless and diseased
... infamy and betrayal ...
Bitter and twisted
I cry for justice
A cruel plot has sealed my fate
And i despair for a lifetime lost
Through misplaced faith.
And my innocence screams out for justice
Will i be redeemed ?