Lesiëm - Temperantia

When dreams will never last, caught in fears of past
Shades of forgotten melodies will sing your tears far away
Harmony will stay
If you believe in modesty and peace

Warm rivers full of life flow to paradise
Leave memories of stormy seas and break an ocean of ice
Days will follow nights
Just believe your vision comes alive

Mora Aurea Mediocritas
Continentia. Clementia. Flammula
Unio Mystica. Vigilate Et Orate
Utor Media Via O Via Sacra
Revela Domino Viam Tuam. Mille Viae

After all, looking back on ways you left behind
Only dreams survived
Life has turned to different times
Feelings changed the seasons

Open up your mind
Hear the voice inside
Fight your destiny
Future shines so bright if you believe

Advocatus Dei. Advocatus Diaboli
Vivitur Parvo Bene O Vita Vivat Vita
Ne Vivam Si Verum Non Dico. Ne Vivam
Venite Filii Audite Me: Clementia

Unio Mystica. Vigilate Et Orate