'NSYNC - I'll Never Stop

(Dialing, phone ringing)

Oh yeah
I'll never stop

I don't know
Do you believe me?
After all that's said and done
All the lies, how I regret them baby now
I am a loser
And you´re shining like the sun
Tell me why can't I still be the one?
All right

I will never stop
Until you're mine
I can wait forever till the end of time
´Cause my heart is in your hands
Don't you understand?
I'll never stop
I'll never stop

How could I ever
when my heart is in your hands
and I know baby there is not turning back
They say that I'm crazy
that I kind of understand
How I wish for this nightmare to end
Oh yes


Yeah ay
I'll never stop
Uh Uh Uh,
Do you believe me?
When my heart is in your hands
Don't you understand

I'll never stop {I will never stop}
Till the end of time {I will wait forever}
My heart is in your hands {My heart is in your hands}


(Busy signal)
Please hang up and try your call again
Please hang up, this is a recording